Grande, Venti or Tontine


I currently live a block away from a Starbucks. There’s another one about 6 blocks away from that one, and when I get to work, yes, there’s one there too. Not long ago, people would have questioned how the star actually got into the bucks before they entered one of the cozy coffee shops that are a part of our daily lives.

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I’m (Almost) a Cyclist


When someone asks you if you want a bike, the answer is yes. That’s what I said, with probably more gusto than my uncle was expecting, when he asked me that question. I have honestly been dreaming of owning a bike and getting into that lifestyle for a while, but haven’t been able to find the right one for the right price (slash am too lazy to actually do much of a search).

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Among The Thorns (Ch. 2, Sec. 1)


This is the first section of the the second chapter of my novel “Among The Thorns”. If you haven’t read the first chapter you can start HERE. Enjoy:

After the fourth and fifth time that Zach asked me to go to the beer festival with him I reluctantly caved.  He was incessant about it because he wasn’t sure how to handle the Sarah situation. He had been texting her and trying to talking to her, but he feared that there was another guy that she was talking with. There were pictures online that gave him this suspicion, but other than that it was just “a feeling”, he would say. I liked beer, anyways, and I didn’t have any other plans that weekend.

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