Let’s Learn Finance: Buying A House


Okay, so the next 30 years of my life are signed away, now what. Ali and I just bought a house. That sentence is still sinking in as we continue to unpack our boxes, but it gets more and more real the closer we get to paying that first mortgage payment.

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My Best Friend


There are many people in life that influence the way that we think and the way that we act. Whether its a way that I say a word, or the way that I approach serving others, there have been many people that I can thank for making me the person I am today. It is rare that you find a person that influences you immensely and you can connect with at a deep friendship level. I am lucky because not only has my best friend helped shape who I am today, she is also my wife.

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I’m (Almost) a Cyclist


When someone asks you if you want a bike, the answer is yes. That’s what I said, with probably more gusto than my uncle was expecting, when he asked me that question. I have honestly been dreaming of owning a bike and getting into that lifestyle for a while, but haven’t been able to find the right one for the right price (slash am too lazy to actually do much of a search).

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The Beauty Of Cuts


Ready, action.

The camera slowly zooms out from a bench in a park where a girl and a guy are sitting. They are talking but we can’t hear them. The camera still is slowly zooming out as they laugh and we realize it’s a beautiful summer day. The camera suddenly cuts to the same bench with the same zooming, but it’s just the girl on the bench in the middle of winter now.

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Half Way Down There




Wind whips down my back
I cling to the icy pole
Hoping to be seen

Fraying at the ends
I’m watching as people ask
What do my stripes mean

Pulled to the middle
My chain is yanked down with me
Looking on the scene

Who is it today
Yesterday were other men
Taps is played between

How many times o’er
Must I go half way down there
Till it is routine