The James


I lie between the rocks of the fall
Churning, swirling awaiting my fate
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Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego



When you take a trip to a city that you’ve never been to, do you go to a travel agent or a book store and buy a map of that place? Most of us now use smart phones to guide us through our travels. Google Maps, or Apple Maps, or any other app that helps us get around, they all track our location, so that we are never really “lost”.

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Can The Sky Be Scraped


Man has tried for centuries to conquer one of natures most daunting challenges. Gravity. The Egyptians built the pyramids as a slave labored reminder of their pharaoh’s power. The Roman’s built their coliseums as a place for people to be entertained. Churches have been built for centuries with tall steeples and high roofs as a means to point to God. But only recently have we been able to exponentially increase the height of the structures that we build.

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You Aren’t Average


Photo Credit: Business Insider

Our world continues to grow in population, with many different ways to categorize and group ideas, things, and people. There is an easy way for us to grasp these large amounts of things through the simple math of an average. It’s easy to comprehend the idea that the average height for a male in the US is 5’10”. It’s easy to wrap our minds around the number 55 degrees, the average temperature in Richmond Virginia.

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The Bay In The Back


boston_1630_1675The year was 1630. They looked across a swampy bay that seemed somewhat eerie in how quiet it was. They could see their boats in the distance bobbing up and down in their newly made harbor. The smell of the mud and animals wafted up toward themĀ as they stared into the future of what this land could behold.

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