Roger Federer, The Best Ever


When I stayed up till 3 am to watch the Australian Open Final in January, I knew that it was going to be historic no matter the outcome.

I can remember watching Roger play back in his early years and knowing then that I was lucky to be watching one of the best tennis players ever. He has continued to be successful into his thirties and now finally won another championship at the age of 35.

To those who don’t follow tennis, you probably know who Roger Federer is, but let me bring you up to speed about what he has accomplished.

  • The most Men’s Grand Slam wins (18 compared to 14 by Nadal or Sampras)
  • Career Grand Slam (1 of 8 men to ever win all 4 major tournaments in career)
  • Longest streak of reaching a Grand Slam Final (10 consecutive appearances)
  • Longest streak of reaching Grand Slam Semi-Finals (23)
  • Longest streak at world #1 (237 weeks)
  • Most weeks at world #1 (302 total weeks)

Those are just an inkling of the achievements he has accumulated through his career. And the best thing about Roger is that he has upheld a reputation of being a pure class act the whole entire time.

Ever since he started playing professionally at the age of 17, he has shown respect to other players and even the media, he has never had a huge scandal, and he has given back to the community and people in need.

I know of some people who don’t like Roger, but mainly they are haters who don’t like to see the same person win time after time. I can only bow down to Roger as the greatest ever and continue to marvel at the things he accomplishes, especially at his age.

I hope that I can say one day that I have had 10% of the success and respect in my career that he has had. The crazy thing about him, that just makes me the happiest for him is that he loves doing what he does.

Sports and tennis can be such a grinding, tear you down kind of job. Especially when everyone is always gunning for you. He plays the sport with such happiness and joy, and I just hope that I can take that mindset into my career as well.

It was really special to be able to say that I watched him win the Aussie Open this year, and it was hard not to get emotional when he finally won the last shot. Roger will have to hang up the sneaks one day, but until that happens I will continue to wake up at 3am to watch him play.


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