A Wink And A Nod


Whistling down the street
I met an onlooker who
Gave me a wink, and a nod
A fraud, I thought, as I continued
Looking, he showed me his hands
As a magician would
I stood, with amazement
As he gathered some fans
He pulled out some cards
Shuffling them quick
So slick, as he slid them around
From hand to hand
He awed the crowd
And as he finished his show
I knew to look out for
Something tricky he would do
As I searched and gazed
He raised a question
“Who here has a watch?”
The hands flew up with
Eager volunteers
With cheers he welcomed them
Into the middle of theĀ group
I stared as he told them to take them off
The watches went into a pile
And a smile stretched from his ears
As the pile disappeared from the ground
We found that the man
And his cards had vanished as well
No whistle or wink or nod
Could bring back the watches
Or tricks or oohed or aahed
I tried to see how he had
Gotten away from us all
A shawl, walked past me
With a woman underneath
I thought how odd
And I saw with a smirk
As the woman walked away
The wink and the nod
I tried to yell out
A shout, to alert the crowd
But people were distracted
By the scene he just acted
And were left shaking their fists
I smiled as I noticed
There were many naked wrists


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