Giving Thanks


Leaving, Going
Rounding the corner
Steering, Jamming
Hoping to get warmer
Stopping, Slowing
Weaving with the traffic
Watching, Waiting
Feeling a bit dramatic

Sitting, Standing
Walking from the car
Talking, Smiling
Coming from afar
Lifting, Crying
Carying the baby
Hearing, Listening
Laughing along maybe

Cooking, Watching
Napping on the chair
Playing, Resting
Finding what to wear
Placing, Folding
Slicing the turkey
Staring, Thinking
Knowing family is quirky

Singing, Praying
Holding onto hands
Serving, Eating
Passing round the yams
Learning, Loving
Remembering too
Listing, Telling
Giving thanks for you


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