Let’s Dare


The world keeps spinning
People keep breathing
Nature keeps growing
And hearts keep beating

There are times I might cry
And Sometimes I  cheer
Sometimes I must hope
and at times I might fear

The tomorrow is unknown
and it brings a new day
Tomorrow is blurred
But tomorrow’s the only way

Moving forward we’ll see
We’re among many names
Our differences are there
But so are our sames
Our pains
Our gains
Our frustrating strains
Our shames
Our aims
And mainly our brains

The human in you
Is also in me
And I get to be
Just as you get to too

So instead of shaming
And blaming
And pointing fingers over there
Let’s try to love
And to care for each person
To walk across the chasm of none
And let’s dare

Let’s dare to see the human in you
Dare to see the human in them
Let’s dare to see past our differences
And dare to love all, because we get to


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