Little is known of the reason why
there are things that are said
and things that are not
We understand the difference
between reality and not
Yet we live online and
swipe through our phones
And we struggle to feel real
in the midst of our own

Standing in the middle of the crowd
there are swarms and mobs
that force their way around us
When we reach out and touch
the arm of another
it all begins to focus

Then I find the chair
at the other end of the room
I force myself to sit and relax
waiting for the right time
hoping someone will join me
nodding as they pass
Do they see
When I look at them

And now I wake in the middle
of the night
strangled by my thoughts
and clinging to the sheets
Waiting again, though
for the time when I will understand
that the clock will run out
before I know


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