The Growl


I can hear it growling
As I run past the trees
I reach a place to stop
And I bend over to breathe
I look around to see if
Anyone else is behind me
Where could they all be?

I continue forward
Pushing through the brush
Finally I reach a road
And I only hear a hush
Far away in the distance
I see a sign

What does it say?
I wonder as I run
Walking up close
I read the words aloud
“55 MPH”

The road keeps going
and I keep following
I hear another growl
Soft enough I don’t stop
Suddenly I come to
An intersection
And I chose a way to go
I can see a group of people
gathering in a collection

Hurriedly I walk up to them
“Where were you?” they ask
Disregarding their questions
I shove through
And finally I reach in
Scraping past the frost
pull out my sandwich
“I was so hungry, I got lost”


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