Why College Football Is Better Than The NFL


Every weekend during the fall I become entranced with the ritual of watching football. it is such a trivial game, but I have grown up with it and I have learned to love the nuances of it. But every weekend I am reminded why I love college football so much more than the NFL. Now, I do have some bias in this thinking, because I played college football (albeit Division III). But I would like to believe that I can remove myself from my past experiences and try to view both sides of the coin with out any skew.

I want to take a step back and first realize that this opinion (however uninformed it may be) is a very unimportant one in the grand scheme of things around the world. The side that I chose does not determine anything really, and so I must make these remarks with a little bit of perspective.

I really do want to love the NFL and the games on Sunday, because I know that they represent the best players from college and thus should be the ultimate test of performance and skill. But I more often than not end up falling asleep during the games or wanting to do something else entirely. It usually always comes back to the fact that the athletes that play on Sunday are playing as a part of their job. They will make money whether they win or lose. They do have to perform well so that they can keep their same salary or potentially get a raise, but they don’t have the same motives that most college football players do.

Most of the athletes that you watch on Saturdays are not going to make it to the NFL. Surprisingly, even a lot of the Alabama football players don’t make it to the League. So they are not playing to get paid eventually (although some do take that mindset). A lot of college football players are playing the game for entirely different reasons. Whether that’s to get attention or just because they love the game, it is a huge difference than playing for money. Players get to go out on the field and play with no strings attached.

It is this that truly captivates me every Saturday. The players that take the field are going out there on there own volition and are going out there mainly to just have fun. There is so much drama in the NFL, with the commissioner, the coaches, the agents, and the players all vying for attention and money. In college, the drama is somewhat removed. Whether that’s because there are just more teams so the drama is spread thinner, or its because the players and coaches actually are seeking less of it, it doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day it is much more enjoyable to watch.

The most exciting games that I have ever seen have been college football games. Not because it was the best talent competing against each other, but because both teams really wanted to win. Both teams gave every ounce of energy in order to end up on the winning side of the game. Whether that is through laterals or fake plays or triple overtime in a bowl game. But until I see two teams go out on Sunday and play with pure enthusiasm for the game and zero drama, then I will continue to love College football more than the NFL.


6 thoughts on “Why College Football Is Better Than The NFL

  1. “Whether that’s to get attention or just because they love the game, it is a huge difference than playing for money.”

    Indeed passion makes a big difference, in everything. Here in Europe we dont have football, but we have soccer, and we can see the role of money specially in international competitions where athletes will try less because they do not want to accumulate effort for the games in their teams.

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