Beaches, Beaches, and Tacos


Often I get caught up with the excitement of going overseas and travelling in Europe or across the globe, and I forget that there are amazing places and cities right here in our own country. Being lifted into the sky and plopped back down on the opposite coast can be a bit disorienting, because I’m used to the ocean being to the east and the mountains to the west, not to mention the time difference shake up. But when we landed down in San Diego we were immediately struck with the difference in climate.

The South East has a particular humidity that likes to stick to you as you walk outside, but getting out of the airport in California you quickly realize that, even though it is warm in the sun, it is much less humid. We were captivated as soon as the breeze rolled off of the ocean and no moisture was clinging to our backs.

It was my first time on the west coast, and in California for that matter. We unloaded our stuff and were immersed in the laid back atmosphere that a surfing coastal city provides. During our stay we went to the beach to get in the freezing water and to watch the many surfers try to conquer the rolling waves; we took advantage of being in the vicinity of Mexico by eating as many tacos we could put our hands on. We ate a lot of Tacos.

San Diego has many different vibes going on, with its big military presence, its small but bustling downtown, and its many different beaches there are lots of  neighborhoods with a very different feel in each one. While we were there we got to go to the San Diego County Fair. The long ride out there was worth it though, even if I all I got was a turkey leg to eat (and a corndog).

After relaxing in San Diego we zipped up the coast to LA, and scooted around the sprawled city for a couple days. Being on the west coast amidst the ever growing and interconnected highways of suburbia made me realize how many people live out there. You don’t really know what one million people, let alone five million people looks like until you stand atop the Hollywood Bowl overlook and look out on all of LA and the many little cities that surround it.

We got to watch fireworks on Venice beach near the marina, and we were able to observe the possibly drunk crowds of people that were trying to do the same thing. Leaving the west coast truly felt like we were leaving a vacation. I guess living in such amazing whether that close to a beach really does affect the way you live after all.


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