A Poem a Day

I am embarking on a journey of studying this month in order to obtain my CFA. I was immediately reminded of how much I hate studying. It is not just the monotonous time consuming reading and staring that it takes, it is the fact that I could be doing something else. So in order to break up the uncountable hours that it will take to accomplish this feat, I have committed to writing a poem a day in between staring at financial terms and books in order to break up the flow of my mind and give me a reward of some kind. I hope that one of these poems will be enjoyed and maybe even loved, and all I can do is let the words that build up from this time of strife flow from my fingers. And thus, the first entry:



Standing unaware
The potential to create
And the call to pursue more
Words pour out of it
The start and end
Each line stops

Wandering from white space
Tip-toeing toward meaning
Slamming down
Every other thought
Pursuing more than before
All the while we are screaming


One thought on “A Poem a Day

  1. I too am attempting a challenge – although not an entry a day- that’d never work with me so I have a more realistic goal for myself. You need something to break of the monotony of studying! Beautifully written piece.


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