A Blank Canvas

The white slowly crept into his eyes from the light peeking through the shades of his window. Although He already knew what had happened over night because of school being cancelled, he threw down his comforter and dashed to the glass to look at the wonder out side. Snow. He beamed with joy as he looked at the perfectly untouched blanket of it.

After a quick reminder to his younger brother that there actually was no school and that he was going to be the first one outside, he started the long process of getting on his “snow gear”. There was writhing on the floor as he tried to fit into long johns that he might have already grown out of, and there was flinging of winter hats and gloves as he looked for just the right ones. He finally was covered enough that his mother gave him a graceful nod of satisfaction as she tied his scarf, and then he was free.

He stepped into the new world that was his back yard. The clouds above made the landscape look like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. He breathed in the crispness of the cold and ran his hands through some of the fresh powder. Today was a day that he could do anything he wanted to. There was no school, no teacher, no chores, no homework, nothing was going to get in the way of him. He felt as if he ruled his own snowy kingdom.

After many lobbed snow balls trying to fend off the obvious enemy, his brother and sister, he knew what he had to do next. There was a hill that was calling his name. Sliding down face first, off of a man made snow ramp, into bushes just never got old. It didn’t matter how cold it was, there was always more hill to be conquered.

The long day was intermission-ed with some hot chocolate before snowmen were built and more snow balls were thrown. The adventure ended with a game of tackle snow football. The bitterness and cushion of the field made for an even game. The victorious escapades came to a warm conclusion with lots of blankets, a roaring fire and his family all huddled together on a cozy couch. After all of that, the next day didn’t seem as menacing as usual. He was able to live for one day. For one day he didn’t have to do all of the things that everyone else wanted him to do. And he fell asleep clinging to the hope that there was still enough snow on the ground so that he could do it all over again.



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