‘Tis the Season To Cut Pine Trees-In


In the same way that there are no two snow flakes exactly alike, there has never been the same exact Christmas. The similarities, though, of each one are what rush into my mind when a gust of wind brings the smell of pine into my nose, or I am blinded by a house with too many Christmas lights. There are so many Christmas smells and noises and sights and movies and books and songs that all come somewhat unquestioningly back into style this time of year.

Very few of the things that we think are normal during this season are in fact what a sane person would do during any other time of the year. The fact that we put a tree in the family room or lights on the outside of our house or egg in our nog is just ludicrous. Somehow we enjoy watching the same movies over and over year after year after year. I do enjoy the songs of jubilee and cheer that break out on street corners, but do we even listen to the lyrics in some of the songs? (Bells that jingle? Really?)

I think that I could wear a different pair of pajamas every night for the rest of my life and still not run out of options. I’m not hating on Christmas though. I really do enjoy the familiarity of it all. The unending amount of cookies. The hot chocolate by a fire. The paper cuts from unwrapping gifts. I would never want anything else during this time of holiday cheer. I get to spend time with people that I love and be reminded why I don’t like standing in a mass of people who are screaming and yelling, aka shopping.

At the end of the day, Christmas has a lot of commercial flaws but is countered with a warm remembrance of youthful days. Days when Christmas eve night was spent staring at the ceiling wondering what Santa had brought. Days when all of Christmas day was spent trying to figure out how to use the toys just received. Days that were consumed with sledding and playing in the snow no matter how cold it was. This season makes me think of my family as a child and how wonderful it was to be so innocent and care free. Now-a-days I still get to enjoy some of these things, but more or less I just relish in the childhood memories that all of my senses get to enjoy.

So I enjoy this season where I get a break from the real world where it is forbidden to wear an ugly sweater, or to sit on a stranger’s lap. As I poorly wrap my presents and whistle to Bing sing familiar tunes, I will be smiling because I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite. So get ready for Christmas, hold on to your candy canes, raise your mistletoe, and don your red pointy hats as we dash away, dash away, dash away all.


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