A Good Ole Holiday Food Baby


 (They are preparing for battle)

Here it is. Time once again for the American holiday. Thanksgiving. I know that everyone is preparing themselves for the extravaganza on Thursday. I have been eating two days worth of food the past couple of days to prepare my stomach for the big stretch. It has become such a normal activity to over eat on Thankday that people even cheer each other on.

“Hey, there are fifteen more rolls…Who wants them?”

“You’ve already had three servings of mashed potatoes, but since this is Thanksgiving you’re allowed to have five or six.”

I fall into this treacherous rhythm on the day of food reckoning too. I eat and eat and eat. And then eat. Four servings of turkey, three of green beans, five rolls, two of cranberry sauce (just to be polite), four kernels of corn, seven cows. It goes on and on and on. One year I even ate two thanksgiving dinners. I went to my girlfriend(now wife)’s house to eat an early dinner where I said ‘I shouldn’t eat too much because I have another dinner to go to’, and then I went to my house to eat a later dinner where I said ‘I shouldn’t eat too much because I already ate’. Both dinners, of course, I ate more than a horse’s share (not an actual saying) and by the end of it, while I lounged on the couch in a continuous moan, you could have popped me like a prom night pimple.

There are plenty of times when I sit down and eat a normal meal and realize that I have come close to the limit of what I should have eaten and then I suffer the consequences. The stomach pain. The unavoidable napping. The inability to do anything close to athletic. The problem with all of this eating is that it is to celebrate the survival of some of the first settlers and their relationship with the helpful Native Americans. We don’t really take the time to understand the real meaning of why we should be thankful. We didn’t have to survive a blistering winter and then scorching summer in order to get this food. We should be thankful for so many other things too.

Thankful that we are alive. Thankful that we can eat at all. Thankful that we have at least one person who is willing to eat with us (even if they stare at us while we make beastly trough eating noises on Thursday). Most of the time we are just thankful that we have made enough food for three days hibernation. So when it comes to me, as we go around the table and say what we are thankful for this year, I am going to speak up and truly say how we all should feel. I’ll try to muster up the courage to speak the truth into a room of people who only want seconds and thirds.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna be serious for mine. Okay…okay…seriously though, we should all be really thankful, I mean look around…do you see what I am seeing? Are those pies?”

Oh well, there is always next year.


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