I get accustomed to the vantage point that my eyes provide everyday. It’s only when I am forced to step outside of my own routine and lifestyle that I am forced to tilt my head and start to try to understand how other people live too. This happens so often when I travel. First I am transported to another world just by being in an airport. There are different guidelines and rules that people live by in an airport. Then there is the sensation of taking off in one location with tiny objects getting smaller that seem somewhat familiar and then landing with tiny objects getting larger that seem so fresh and new.

I was lifted into the skies recently, and zipped into New England. The same travel that would have taken weeks, maybe even months for early settlers now takes me a couple of hours. I am inconvenienced when I have to take off my shoes at the airport security, but I don’t really have to experience any pain or misfortune along the way as they did. This shocking experience of modern travel has transformed the modern world to become more disconnected with the experience of travel and the moving landscape that passes by.

Instead of traveling through each city along the way I got to look down on the street lights that illuminated New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington. Instead of experiencing the uniqueness of each destination along my way I was entranced by their unique glow as if a close up star in the expanse of darkness sparkled with lights.

Despite the fact that I did not get to enjoy each city along the way, and despite the fact that I had to travel through an airport, I truly did enjoy being transported to another world. Sometimes my world becomes very heavy. I feel as though I have to lift it up on my own or else it won’t exist. My daily routine becomes a checklist of things that I have to do in order to have a successful day. But when I travel to another place pulled out of my own existence I realize that there are so many other worlds out there that survive quite fine without me trying to hold it up. I become much smaller in relation to the rest of the world, but in a relaxing sort of way.

Instead of being strained to hold things up, I am allowed to just watch as others go about their lives. The place has changed but people do pretty much the same things. I get to exist in a world where my job, chores, tasks, and things I have to do become much less real. But a world where all those things are actually happening, just not to me. In this way my flight to New England and back was relaxing and uplifting. I got to enjoy the company of friends and family outside of my daily routine, and I got to experience the world that we live in without my skewed perspective. I know the world doesn’t rely on me to survive, I think I just need a reminder of it from time to time in order to knock me out of my self-centered vantage point. So, thank you New England.


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