learning-letter-writing-1How many letters do we scan through each day without noticing each intricate curve or straight edge that represents a sound in our minds? The combination of these scratchings originally were used to just communicate what humans were trying to say. Now they can be used to mine into the inner harbor of our depths. Reading these letters communicate much more than just a simple message. It is a connection to oneself. There is a familiarity with the lines that form each letter and each syllable. There is a hum that underscores every word written. It is the understanding that others can understand what is being communicated without even speaking. The only movement necessary is the creaking of fingers slamming against the keys or curving to scribble on paper in a rhythm that slows and quickens depending on the owner of the extremities.

These letters mold together to make up the words and sentences of every written nuance of life. The advertising that we are bombarded with on a daily basis all the way down to the intricate journals that make up all the secrets of the world. There is an under appreciation for the letters that make up our everyday life. Without them we would not be able to have many of the things that make up our modern world. We would not have computers, or novels, or SOS signals. We would not have menus, or mail, or stock tickers. We would not have text messages, or newspapers, or recipes, or road signs. Without letters, I would not be able to


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