The eddies and currents continue to push me around in my barrel along the river of life. Rolling up onto the shore of Richmond has been a whirlwind of newness. A new job, a new apartment, a new sense of adulthood (basically just new bills to pay). It all continues to pour over me consuming me like a crashing wave, and then subsiding enough for me to breathe before the next wave comes. Each weekend shortens the count down before I marry the most beautiful woman in the world, but it also brings a new adventure.

Being in a new city, and having a new job has awaken me to the monotony of life that is surrounded by the exuberance and excitement of life always just out of reach for the hard-working class in which I live. The lists of things people have to do is a contest of how busy one can be slash how important one is in the sphere of business and careers. But there is always a hint of wanting more. The weekends are always just X number of days away, and never more than five, but it always seems to come up in conversation.

I hope that through these new experiences I can find the career and the things that I want to do so that instead of tallying the list of things to do during the week so that I can get to the weekend, I enjoy the process of my work and can live my life through all of it, week days and week ends a like. That will be the challenge: to not give in to the monotonous life style that so many have fallen into. The business world is full of cycles that are set by people just like you and me. The fear of most people is breaking outside of their normal cycle, whether in a day, week, month or year, and not knowing what to do when that happens. But that is my goal: to allow myself to not be conformed by a cycle and to enjoy anything that is a part of my life. The river will continue to push me along and mold me into the person that I was created to be.


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