The Next Step

I always had a plan for my life, up until this point. I can remember thinking about being my age when I was 6 or 7. I thought it was so far away, and that there was so much to do before I got there. But now I’m here. I am almost graduated from college, almost married, almost starting my first job, and almost grown up.


When I was young, the years went by pretty slowly, with each summer seaming like forever. I don’t know how or why, but I sometimes actually wanted to go back to school back then. High school was almost a blur of football and friends, but it was a lifetime compared to college. And then college came and went in an instant. I remember moving into my first dorm room, and now I will be moving out of my last soon. It is sad because I will be leaving some of my friends, but it is also exciting.

Time will continue to move faster and faster as things come and go. Jobs, trends, cities, and even friends, but it is exciting to think about the endless possibilities out there. My little kid self would look up at me and say “Woah, your how old? I don’t have a plan for when I get to that age.” Despite the challenge of maybe excepting the grown up responsibilities being thrown onto my plate, there are endless opportunities to travel, explore, learn, listen, and live with people any where I go.

As I move past the edge of my childhood plans and into the unknown I can only hope to be as blessed as I have for the past educational years of my life. There will be many tears and many laughs, some with people I love, some with people I can’t stand. The path leads into the mysterious land of being a child in an adult world, and all I can do is take the next step, with a smile on my face.


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