The Courtship

Applying for jobs has always been an interesting process for me. As I look at my future and see how much is up in the air I have to wonder: is it worth it to go through this job search? I have to try and put the right things on my resume, know the right people, apply at the right time in order to just get an interview. I have to jump through the loops and stand on one foot just to be able to be considered for a position.

I understand why this process has to happen, but it seems so mundane and meaningless looking at it from the outside. I am building my resume and talking with potential employers as if I am flirting with a girl for the first time. I have to say all the right things in order to get into “the club”, but if I say one wrong thing and I’m off the list. I feel as if I’m fighting for my right to be employed just as if I am a suitor of Penelope in the Odyssey. There’s always a guy that swoops in and can actually string Odysseus’s bow better than I can, yet I know the job description does not require the ability to string a bow.

Ironically every time I’ve finally been accepted for a position I feel like my credentials and courtship have meant nothing. I am at the beginning of training just like everyone else who is starting to work. It took all my effort to get into the club with the potential employer, but once I’m in it, it doesn’t really mean much. That is what life is really about though, doing the things we don’t want to do in order to be the people we want to be. So here I am, continuing to search for the Penelope of my young career but being the suitor of many other jobs along my journey of a job search.


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