My Own Shirt


I wear my own shirt
Layered within dirt and sweat
Clinging to cover

Underneath is bare
A broken and crippled debt
Hoping no one sees

Breaking from the norm
I can’t begin to regret
All the filth beneath

There’s a swing, a miss
Done with the end of the set
Till the next one comes

I wear my own shirt
Open as a fishing net
Letting water flow


Among The Thorns (Ch. 2, Sec. 2)


This is the second section of the second chapter of “Among The Thorns”, and if you haven’t read the first few sections you can start HERE, or see all the sections by clicking the “Among The Thorns” tab at the top of the screen. Enjoy:

Monday started another exciting work week. The routine that I had become so accustomed to felt like it was pulling me slowly and methodically toward retirement, even though I was barely in my mid-twenties. Every day I was able to save one more penny toward the happy days that I would eventually have, sometime in the distant future. During the work day, my eyes always flitted to the spot on the wall and back to my screen every time someone walked by.

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My Best Friend


There are many people in life that influence the way that we think and the way that we act. Whether its a way that I say a word, or the way that I approach serving others, there have been many people that I can thank for making me the person I am today. It is rare that you find a person that influences you immensely and you can connect with at a deep friendship level. I am lucky because not only has my best friend helped shape who I am today, she is also my wife.

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